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It’s Confirmed: Almost 90% of Women Consider This to Be The Most Attractive Quality in a Guy

People joke about how women are only interested in good looks, fat wallets and fast cars. Well, it turns out their crude humour mightn’t be too far off the mark.

A new survey conducted by asked over 2,000 women between the ages of 18 and 34 what they thought to be the most desirable quality in a man.

89 per cent of all participants said that a caring personality was the number one thing they look for in a guy. That’s all well and good, but don’t think a fat wallet isn’t a turn on – 75 per cent of women ranked financial security in second spot.  

Good looks came in at number three, with three out of four women ranking sexiness a crucial aspect of choosing a partner. Other notable entries in the top 10 include a love of travelling, a cracking sense of humour and a high sex drive.

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“I think this list of top 10 traits that female millennials look for in potential partners says a lot about where they are in their lives, with many prioritising travelling over starting a family,” said Chris Clarkson, managing director of

“That makes a lot of sense, as it’s good to get travelling out of your system before settling down with little ones, who could restrict where you travel for a little while.”

If you’re peeved off at this list, you probably aren’t alone. Whatever happened to the age-old advice of “just be yourself”? What if we aren’t a caring, financially-stable, attractive guy?

Before you think females have been lying to you your entire life, you can take heart from the qualities that narrowly missed the top 10: cooking skills (32 per cent), TV/film/music (29 per cent), love of animals (21 per cent) and intelligence (18 per cent) rounds off the list.

Here’s the complete top 10 list:

  1. Caring Personality – 89%
  2. Financial Security – 77%
  3. Good Looks – 75%
  4. Desire to Travel – 69%
  5. Good Sense of Humour – 62%
  6. Desire to Have a Family One Day – 50%
  7. Can Drive/Has a Car – 47%
  8. High Sex Drive – 44%
  9. Sociable Personality – 41%
  10. Ambition – 38%

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