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Too Busy To Cook: Two-Thirds Of Us Are Ordering Takeaway Every Week

The cost of being too busy is evident in our food choices.

If you thought the cost of being constantly busy was not only your hip pocket but also your health, new stats show you’re on the money.

Google searches for ‘quick recipes‘ to cook have increased by 22% in the last month, with many of us increasingly time poor while we struggle with ever-busier lives. From work to socialising, passion projects and side hustles – not to mention looking after families – Aussies have more on our plates than ever before, and it’s taking a toll on our eating habits.

New research from meal-delivery service Hello Fresh reveals that more than two-thirds (68%) of Aussies claim that a lack of supplies and time to cook at home is prompting them to order takeaway every single week, whilst more than half (54%) go further afield for a feed, revealing they eat out weekly.

We’re also eating later, according to the new data, with one in six working Australians saying they don’t sit down to dinner until after 8:30pm as they’re not able to get away from their work. Employees in administration roles seemed to be the worst off, not sitting down for their evening meal until after 10pm.

And for many Aussies, this ‘busy-ness’ doesn’t end when we clock off the work day. One in five respondents said they have three people to cook meals for when they’re home from work.

How can we do better?

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the occasional takeaway or meal out. But it can start to affect our health if it becomes a regular occurrence, and while we may be busy, we don’t have to turn to takeaway, which can very quickly derail our health goals.

“By choosing recipes designed with ease, speed and taste in mind, you can still fit in nutritious food whatever your situation,” explains Hannah Gilbert, Senior Director of Product Development at Hello Fresh.

Some of the easiest ways to ensure you still have the time to cook exciting dinners at home despite your busy lifestyle, Gilbert says, can include opting for one-pot recipes (which mean less washing up, too), making the most of leftovers (either for the next night or for a quick and easy lunch option), and planning for the week ahead.

“Don’t let the hustle and bustle get the best of you,” she says. “Take some time at the beginning of your week to plan your meals around your work rota, your home schedule and your plans. Whilst you can’t plan for everything, this should minimise the impact of your hectic life on your diet.”

By Alix Nicholson

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