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The Most Popular Date Spots In Australia

Coffee or dinner? Picnic or Piña coladas? Nailing a date is no easy task. From making sure the lighting is flattering, the food won’t be messy and the venue isn’t too noisy, there are so many factors to consider when picking that perfect date spot. But fortunately, OpenTable have teamed up with Hinge to crunch the numbers and find out where Aussies prefer to be wined and dined.

According to the stats, the number one spot to enjoy a date is a romantic dinner: 72 per cent of women enjoy dining at a new or favourite restaurant while 63 per cent of men are after the same. 

But if you’re looking to skip a feed, be careful, “drinks” is no longer synonymous with alcohol. Nearly six in ten Aussies prefer meeting up for a cap compared to just 26 per cent who would sit down for a cocktail. 

Age also plays a part. More than a third of Millennials (20s and 30s) are down for a nighttime drink while less than a quarter of Baby Boomers would enjoy an alcohol beverage. 

Be that it may, when you’re courting someone new, it’s all about that initial spark, explains OpenTable’s Tim Domelow.

“First impressions count and there’s often a lot of expectations put on the first date,” says Domelow.

“Our new Matchmaker tool offers recommendations catered to each diner’s personal preferences, making it easier to find and book the right spot for any date whether that be the first or the thirtieth.”

“We recently uncovered that most Hinge members spend over an hour trying to find the perfect date spot and are hungry for recommendations,” adds Nathan Roth, Chief Marketing Office at Hinge.

“Our goal at Hinge is to help our members get off the app and out on a great date. That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with OpenTable to create Date Night Matchmaker to help even more members have a positively memorable date they’ll never forget.”

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