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Mr G’s Kobe Rump Steak

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Whether you’ve lined up a barbecue with the boys or you’re trying to impress your partner on date night, Mr G’s Bar & Grill’s recipe will make your steaks sizzle.


600g rump steak 

For the Bearnaise sauce

2 egg yolks 

125 gr melted and clarified butter

1 tsp tarragon vinegar

1 x small diced eschalot

Salt/ pepper

4 x tarragon sprigs

Squeeze of lemon

Chervil, fine chopped

For the bone marrow

1 x 12 cm split bone marrow stalk

1 x garlic clove

2tbsp Panko crumb



Salt/ pepper

Olive oil


  1.  For the Bearnaise sauce

    Over a slowly rolling boil put the egg yolks & the vinegar into a bowl, whisk the yolk mixture over the steaming pot until the mixture has thickened and is “ribbony” and pale. Remove from the heat. Slowly drizzle in the warm clarified butter in an even drizzle, whisking all the time.

    Add the chopped eschallot, chervil and tarragon, season and squeeze in some lemon for freshness.

  2. For the bone marrow

    Remove the split marrow using the other end of a tablespoon, it will lift and slide out. Cut into smaller pieces. 

    In a bowl, mix the Panko crumb with the chopped herbs and garlic, season,

    Roast the bone until it looks like it is cooked, add the crumbed bone marrow back into the bone, drizzle with olive oil, roast in 200 deg Celsius oven for 6-7 minutes until golden brown.

  3. For the steak

    Season the steak generously with salt and pepper, and allow it to come to room temperature , char your steak to your liking. Rest the steak for at least 6-7 minutes. Serve with the bone marrow and Bearnaise sauce.

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