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The Muscles You Need To Build To Look Better In A Shirt

One of the first things people will notice is how well your sleeves fit. Whether you’re wearing a button-up or a short sleeve basic, you’ll need to build your whole upper body to fill it out. 

Unfortunately, you can’t rely on just bicep curls to bust your sleeves. Getting your rig ready requires targeting every muscle above your waist. So we’ve put together a good workout that will maximise every part of your body that comes in contact with your tee.

But before you aim to get that perfect shot of your toned-up pythons for the ‘gram’, remember, this working is going to be tough. And it has to be, for maximum hypertrophy. 

Attacking the top half of your body in a session is difficult, so it’s important to focus on the three key muscles: chest, biceps and triceps. Fortunately, the exercises we lay out below will also recruit shoulders, back and traps, so you won’t leave any muscles out. 

For a better post-workout pump, ensure you fluid intake is on point prior to the session and try to eat a meal 30 minutes prior to doing this session.

Check it out: 

Complete one set in each part so one set of bicep curls, then tempo push ups, dish rocks, ring rows. 

Ensure you record your weights so if the session is repeated you can measure your improvement.

Warm Up

A1: 21s Biceps Curls 2 x 21 reps at 40%

A2: Tempo Push Up 2 x 10 at 32×1 rest 30 seconds

A3: Dish Rocks 2 x 30second efforts

A4: Ring Rows 2 x 10 at 21×1 tempo

(3 seconds from top of push up to floor, pause at bottom for 1 second, explode into top of push up)

ensure thighs don’t touch the ground on each descend to floor (Squeeze Butt, and tense abs)

B1: Hammer curls 4 x 12 reps at 80%

B2: banded Tricep push down with SKLZ band red or yellow 4 x 30 reps red band

C1: Zotmans Press 4 x 12 reps at 80%

C2: Sled Pulls 4 x 10m efforts 70%,80%,90%,90%

D1: 3 x 12 at 21×1 rest 30 seconds (70-80%)

D2: 3 x 15 Ring Rows at 21×1 rest 60 seconds (Bodyweight)

E1: DB Shoulder Press 3 x 15 at 31×1 at 70% rest 30 seconds

E2: Banded Pull Aparts 3 x 30 red SKLZ Band

Now that you have completed your session, getting that post-gym selfie might be a little painful. Maybe check-in with the girl who caught your eye to see if she’d be willing to take that photo?

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