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People With These Names Dress The Worst In The Office

Wondering if you’re wearing the right threads for work? New research has found the names of people who are in desperate need of a wardrobe revamp.

According to a survey conducted by fashion site Trunk Club featuring 2000 Americans, the worst dressed coworkers tend to be named Karen Jill or Sue for women and Mike, Bob or Steve for men. 

Meanwhile, if the office was a fashion contest, John, Tom and Tim would take out first place. 

If you’re nervous about slipping in to trackies, don’t be. Sixty-six per cent of participants opt for something a little more comfortable. But if you do feel like people are watching, you’re not alone either: 30 per cent think they’re judge but that won’t make them change outfits. 

And while you might notice your colleagues wearing the latest designer outfits, turns out 60 per cent are spending 68 dollars or less on clothes per month. Those in the media industry updating their wardrobes most often, spending on average 175 dollars a month. 

There is, however, a good reason why workers are putting so much time and effort into their uniform. Seventy-seven per cent of people saying dressing to impress works.

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