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New App Prevents Premature Ejaculation

According to the Mayo Clinic, premature ejaculation is an issue affecting one in three men. That equals about 4 million Aussie guys waiting for a non-invasive, reliable solution to cum… er come… along faster than you can say ED.

However it seems the days of nasal spray technology and ED pills are numbered, with a new startup out of Israel helping guys go the distance with a new app.

However the solution may sound a lot easier it actually is. The new product, successfully trialled recenbtly by Israeli company Virility Medical, involves placing a patch between the anus and scrotum. It is then the patch that is controlled by a smartphone app. The app “sends a low-frequency electrical current that contracts the muscle responsible for ejaculation, and delays it,” Virility Medical said in a statement last week.

The patch and accompanying app prolong ejaculation by almost four times, with no immediate side-effects, according to the research team.

The company is anticipating robust growth, having raised nearly $1 million so far from private investors and from the Israel Innovation Authority, a government-run R&D fund. “More than one quarter of men [suffering from premature ejaculation] are actively looking for a medical solution to the problem. We’re bringing a groundbreaking, effective, and simple solution, with no side effects compared to existing products on the market,” said Tal Gollan, the founder and CEO of Virility Medical.

“The innovative and very effective technology of Virility Medical will be a game changer,” said Zohar Gendler, an investor in the business who believes the new technology has the potential to replace Viagra, given that it’s a reusable and effective solution.

Let’s hope the app has the staying power needed to reshape the industry.

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