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Celebrate National French Fries Day With Some Amazing New Research

Reading this is already making me hungry. According to News Hubresearch is in the works to make French fries healthier and environmentally friendlier. 


In a three-month trial, scientists from the University of Otago will test German Pulse Electric Field (PEF) technology – a new tool that allows you to alter the microstructure of a vegetable. In the case of a potato, fries will absorb less fat during the cooking process while raw chips will be bendier and unbreakable, reducing food waste. 

“With the equipment now in New Zealand, we are excited to begin the industrial trial with the hope of proving the techniques and in time enabling New Zealand food industries to benefit from this new technology,” says University of Otago professor and PEF project leader Indrawati Oey.

The six-year program is part of a Ministry for Business and Innovation funded Food Industry Enabling Technology programme and will cost $16.8 million.

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