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MH Tech Review: Nokia Activite Steel Activity & Sleep Tracker

Why are some people so reluctant to buy a fitness smart watch? It’s because they crave a traditional stylish design. And that’s where Nokia have nailed it, creating a classy time piece that boasts fitness tech features. Personally, I’ve also held off buying a smart watch because I too wanted a simple, timeless piece. But I also wanted to see what modern wrist technology has to offer and that’s what makes me so excited to try this new accessory on my wrist.


The setup was easy. Previously my attempts at using a fitness band have been short lived due to the difficult setup process. I feared the same with the new Nokia Watch. A huge sigh of relief: I didn’t endure the same difficulties as the Nokia watch carries the same simple interface as a typical classic timepiece. Through easy step by step instructions, the watch can be set up in moments, with no need to manually set the time. Through bluetooth technology, the watch is automatically set up


Perhaps my favourite bit. It’s simple with a stylish and classy surface yet you know it’s recording all the bits and bobs that define fitbands. Nokia describes the watch as the perfect fit to transition from the pool to the track to the bedroom and you couldn’t think of a better description. It’s the ultimate versatile piece that can compliment both your activewear and your suit.

You’re probably wondering how a watch with no digital interface is a smart watch. Nokia has integrated app technology to help track, record and identify information from the user. Using an app allows for a more thorough detail on your personal record.


The packaging suggests the watch is water-resistant up to 50m. Although I’m yet to try this feature ( I have to admit: i get extremely nervous trying anything waterproof), this is perfect for exercising and swimming.

App Technology

Because the watch is designed to be stylish, it largely relies on app technology to give you in-depth metrics, recording your days movement. Because the watch is linked to your phone, you don’t get the same real time stats that other fitness bands offer. But that’s the compromise you have to make if you want an analogue face. At times there is a lag between the watch and your phone, but that’s the price you pay for a more in-depth pedometer.




This is the stylish wrist accessory that we all crave while still offering the same fit tech as other activity bands. Using an app instead of relying on a digital interface allows for a more thorough analysis of your daily movement. It feels light and Nokia suggest it has the casing to protect itself from tougher conditions that may occur during exercise. The watch can be used for any occasion, whether you’re swimming, running, at work or asleep.


Because of it’s analog face and the need to sync to an app, the watch doesn’t offer real time figures on your progress. It also means it requires you to have a smart phone to be able to view your day’s work.

The Round Up

What can be off-putting about some smart watches is the clunkiness that comes when fitting in all the technology. That’s why the Nokia Steel watch stood out for me. From a far you wouldn’t know it’s recording your steps or monitoring your sleep, but rather looks like the perfect wrist accessory to compliment your office wear. At it’s price-point, it’s a great mix of style and fittech – a cheaper option for a stylish time-piece as well as as other movement trackers. 

Thumbs Up

  • Tackles the style issues that most smart watches face 
  • Extremely long battery life
  • App allows for more in-depth activity tracking
  • Affordable price

Thumbs Down

  • The app technology can take time to warm up and initial loading can be slow. 
  • Doesn’t offer the same extensive options as other smart watches

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