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This Is What Women Really Want From Sex, According To New Research

Thought you had women all figured out? Think again…

According to new research published in the Journal Of Sex & Marital Therapy, individual women have different needs when it comes to sex.

The study, which included over 1,000 women ages between 18 and 94, recorded the preferences of touch, size, pressure and movement. 

When it came to how females wanted to be touched, 41 per cent said they had just the one preferred style.

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“The study results challenge the mistaken, but common, notion that there are universal ‘sex moves that work’ for everyone,” reads the study. ” On the other hand, the data also make clear that there are certain styles of touch that more commonly preferred by women, emphasising the value of studying sexual pleasure – and not just sexual problems.”

When it came to orgasms, 75 per cent of women said clitoral stimulation was needed for intercourse-orgasms while 18 per cent thought vaginal penetration alone sufficed. 

The study was conducted by the research team on the  ‘OMGYYES Pleasure Report.’

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