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Office Hook-Ups On The Rise

It could be the enticing tones of office ring tones, the romantic fluorescent lighting, or the fresh whiff of microwave meals floating through the air. Office romances are alive and well, and a new US study by Reboot Digital suggests that, unsurprisingly, none of these mood-setters are the reason.

The study of 2000 office workers identified that Christmas is the real reason you’re thinking of taking an office relationship to the next level. The rates of office romances were shockingly high, with 45 per cent of all respondents admitting to dipping their pen in the office ink.

Why Christmas? It’s simply down to the Christmas party, when year end stresses have peaked. The setting itself had lead 30 per cent of respondents to admit to having a first kiss with a colleague. With free flowing alcohol, everyone looking their best, and the prospect of a few weeks off to hide from any embarrassment… the study is hardly surprising.

What is surprising is how prevalent these hook-ups are, and how widely they are accepted by upper management.

Further results from the survey suggest that it also may not be the worst move for your career. Despite the seasonal upturn, only one quarter of the higher ranked survey participants disapproved of their employees hooking up, while only 6 per cent have lost their jobs thanks to a taboo office romance.

Your colleagues share common interests, daily routines, and know more about you than some of your closest friends, so why not take the opportunity to explore something more this Christmas?

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