The One Thing Jason Statham Does Every Single Morning to Keep Fit | Men's Health Magazine Australia

The One Thing Jason Statham Does Every Single Morning to Keep Fit | Men’s Health Magazine Australia

The best thing about talking to Jason Statham is that it’s exactly what you’d hope talking to Jason Statham would be like.

The voice that makes gravel sound like sand. The almost poetically geezerish turn of phrase that led director Guy Ritchie nearly two decades ago to cast the former street trader in Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, then promote him to the lead in snatch. The only unexpected bonus is the chuckle.

This partially explains Statham’s enormous popularity, and why his upcoming slate continues to be packed with sequels: Spy 2The Expendables 4 and Fast & Furious 8. Okay, so he’s only been in three of the latter. But still, the point remains: audiences, whether cinemagoers or Men’s Health readers, want more of him, because what they see is what they get. 


Of course, a large part of his enduring appeal is down to the spectacular athleticism that has seen Statham triple-pike into the best seat at Hollywood’s top action-hero table. Impressively knowledgable and enthusiastic about his training, Statham can teach even professional fitness writers a thing or two.

Even if he seems to have it all figured out, as he approaches his fiftieth birthday (yes, really), Statham is the first to admit he’s still learning all the time.

But although Statham is a huge advocate for mixing things up – inside and outside of the weights room – there’s one thing that remains rock solid.

“I always train in the morning,” Statham told Men’s Health. “I’ve always been a morning person, back from my days as a diver when we used to do early workouts. I’m speaking from my own personal perspective here, but when you train in the morning, you can never make the excuse that you ran out of time, or this meeting came up, or you couldn’t get back from work. Those things don’t apply.”


So the lesson from Statham? There are a lot of unnecessary things in life that can take priority to your health and wellbeing – if you let them. Hitting the gym first thing in the morning makes you attack life before it gets the chance to attack you.

“If training’s first on your list of things to do, it never gets compromised,” said Statham. 

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