Only One In Six Men Wash Their Hands After Using The Toilet | Men's Health Magazine Australia

Shaking Hands At Work? You’re Probably Touching Poo

Shaking hands with your boss, sharing stationary and getting passed a piece of fruit; all common, everyday scenarios that are exposing you to potential faecal particles.

And according to new insights provided by YouGov, men are the worst offenders at poo-spreading, with almost one in three men failing to wash their hands after visiting the little boys room.

The revealing findings, reported by Metro this week, highlighted a survey gathering data on the frequency and likelihood of men and women to wash their hands after urinating and pooping at home, while at work, and while they were out.

Results from the research showed that men were 14 per cent more likely than women to skip a post-poo or wee hand wash, with only 18 per cent of women owning up to the unhygienic practice and a whopping 32 per cent of men getting their grot on. 

Other information gathered from the research showed that 7 per cent of men would also rather ‘hold it in’ than go to the toilet at work. At least we know these aren’t the men spreading their waste through the office.

Are you one of the lazy few spreading your poo-particles to others? If so, you don’t have to wash if that’s what you’re truly adverse to. Hand sanitizers work just as effectively, says Dr. Charles Gerba, a professor of microbiology at Arizona. Using a pocket-pack gel is a good substitute—and certainly better than nothing – and they’re basically fool proof. All that’s needed is a good lathering, with very little technique.

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