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Here’s How Much Of Your Wee Actually Goes In The Bowl When You Stand Up Peeing

Sure, relieving yourself from all the fluids you’ve taken in might seem like a good time to practice your aim around the toilet bowl.

But unfortunately, you might be less accurate than you think. 

Tests carried out by QS Supplies via a series of UV images have shown that a fair amount of your urine is ending up outside the bowl, with some droplets ending up nearly 36 inches away from the target.

QS Supplies Piss test

QS Supplies

Using a mechanical urethra, fluorescent liquid that mimics wee and UV light, researchers could pinpoint where urine was ending up during a number one. 

They tested different locations of the bowl where pee was hitting, re-creating volume, flow rate and curve, trajectory and stream shape’.

Interestingly, results found that aiming towards the rear wall of the bowl caused the biggest splash with droplets more wide spread.

On the other hand, as you’d expect, aiming directly for the water caused the least amount of splatter. Nearly a third of all blokes typically aim in the middle. 

But when it comes to technique that will reduce the risk of urine all over the porcelain, the team of authors suggest you should actually be aiming at ‘nearside of the bowl, just in front of the water’.

Check out the full investigation below.

QS Supplies

QS Supplies

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