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Can Your Penis Get Stuck In A Vagina?

You’ve probably seen the way a Venus flytrap attacks its pray. Imagine if something identical happened to your penis? Turns out, vaginas can do something similar. 

Following reports a cheating Kenyan man was caught after his penis got stuck inside his mistress, we delved into the phenomenon responsible for his arrest.

According to Medical Daily, It’s called ‘penis captivus’ and it’s the cause of men not being able to remove their penis from a vagina. 

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During intercourse, penis captivus occurs when a man’s penis is 100% erect and inserted inside the vagina. When the woman has an orgasm, the muscles in her pelvic floor begin to contract. On the rare occasion, the vagina can clamp onto the penis when it contracts. 

Once the man ejaculates and loses it’s firmness and the women stops contracting, the two sex organs will no longer be tightly bound.  

Penis captivus is extremely rare in humans, with very little recent research published on the subject. There is also little research to suggest that the unusual occurrence is linked to a medical condition.

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