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You’re Not Going to Like Who 84% of Women Have Fantasised Having Sex With

Everyone knows the rule about office romance: “don’t sh*t where you eat.” After a few years (and a few mistakes) in the workplace, you come to realise that getting involved in an office romance is a terrible idea. 

Yet still, it keeps on happening and people keep making the same mistakes. Why? Despite the fact that people become more attractive to us over time, a survey from SleepCupid has given us the answer: women in the workplace fantasise about sleeping with you just as much as you dream of sleeping with them. 

The study of 3,000 women from the U.S. and U.K. questioned them about all things related to sex: where they do it, when they do it, who they do it with and who they fantasise about doing it with.

Unsurprisingly, the study found that women enjoy doing it in adventurous place likes the beach and on planes, and the most popular time for getting it on is in the PM. But when asked about ‘who?’ is where it gets interesting.




The results came in and showed almost 84 per cent of women admit to fantasising about having sex with a colleague, with only 16 per cent saying they haven’t/don’t (do you believe them?). 

To back this up – and make you even more concerned – 71.3 per cent of women reported to have thought about staying back after work to get in some after-hours ‘work’ with their boss.


If you’re concerned your partner has a little something extra going on with their attractive co-worker, remember this: it doesn’t mean they’ll actually act on it, but office sex has definitely crossed their mind. But what is actually holding them back from acting on it?

Well, the study has the answer for that, too. 

The number one reason is because they’re already in a relationship, second being the fear of the possible consequences with HR, and the third being the fear of being publicly shamed.

So it turns out women do actually value the relationship they’re in, and that they value having a stable job over casual sex. It’ll be tough to find a woman who’s brave enough to actually dip their pen in their company’s ink.

But take heart: if you’re day dreaming about doing naughty things to that girl in the sales team, there’s a high chance she’s thinking the same about you.

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