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Pete Evans Shares His Practical Tips To Healthy Eating And Living Well

For Pete Evans, much of his world revolves around two simple philosophies: food, and feeling good.

Now, he’s sharing his recipe for success with everyday Aussies and helping us heal in his brand new book.

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“HEAL stands for Healthy Eating And Living,” Evans said.

“It’s all about eating really good food and connecting with others and yourself in a really beautiful way.

“I like to think about how much we can play as well. A lot of people are fixated on going to the gym and doing activities that they don’t really like – but play is all about doing things that bring joy to you.”

Doting dad

His new book also dives into parenting, and Evans’ approach to fatherhood and allowing his two kids to be their authentic selves.

“You have to support them and guide them, but at the same time, you need to remove yourself,” Evans said.

“They need to develop their own character, their own uniqueness, their own way of seeing the world.

“And quite often, you’ll learn more about the world through your children.”

Dealing with critics

Evans isn’t afraid to speak his mind – even if it kicks up controversy – but he’s at peace with the criticism he sometimes faces.

“Somebody’s projection or perception of who I am is just a reflection of some part of their lives that they need balancing with,” Evans said.

“If they’re projecting hate or animosity, then what’s going on in their life that maybe needs some tweaking?

“Maybe a good meal may be able to make you feel good.”

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