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Prince William Has Been Named “World’s Sexiest Bald Man” And We Demand A Re-Vote

Most men could probably cite baldness as their biggest fear. The thought of running your hand through your hair only to discover some thinning or, dare we say it, the contact of palm with bare skull, is enough to drive you to your nearest hair clinic to discuss the matter further with an expert. After all, it’s this that drove Shane Warne to become a spokesperson for Ashley and Martin, promoting the hair growth treatment to such an extent that even those who never watched cricket recognise the man’s face – and, thankfully now, luscious blonde locks. 

It seems such fears are unwarranted though. To take a cursory scroll through Hollywood’s celebrity pool is to see a number of bald men who not only have been incredibly successful in their careers, but even seem to sport all the necessary trappings that accompany the word itself. On their arms are a string of beautiful women, while their careers have peaked to such an extent they have something of a mythic aura surrounding them. You know the type: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jason Statham, and even sports stars like Michael Jordan. 

It’s surprising then, that a recent Internet survey has declared Prince William as the sexiest bald man. Yep, the guy even beat Stanley Tucci – we’re shocked. According to The Sun, researchers at the surgical group Longevita found that the Duke of Cambridge’s name and the keyword “Sexy” came up in Google searches and articles 17.6 million times, even beating out such iconic bald men like Mike Tyson, who came in second. 

Rounding out the top five were Jason Statham (hardly a shocker there), Pitbull (ok, a little bit of a shock), and Michael Jordan (fair play). Other honourable mentions went to The Rock, Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel and John Travolta. 

As so often happens of things of such a subjective nature, those on Twitter were quick to demand a re-vote, claiming that the poll was rigged and a disgrace to the star who deserved top spot on the list: Stanley Tucci. One Twitter user commented, “What did Stanley Tucci do to deserve this disrespect,” while another wrote: “Stanley Tucci I will avenge you.”

Hilariously, ever-the-good-sport Stanley Tucci even acknowledged the snub on his own Instagram account. He responded to the poll, “Whose crown should wear this crown? So many wonderful choices,” and accompanied the comment with a collage of a number of bald people, including Tilda Swinton in Marvel’s Doctor Strange. 

We can’t help but agree with the Internet on this one, a re-vote is most definitely needed. 


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