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Women Are Sharing All The Things Men Do Wrong In Bed

Sometimes it’s the little gestures that are appreciated by women. But equally, a few tiny mistakes can be a complete turn-off. Thankfully, the good people over at Reddit have shared the little things their romantic partners do in bed that can make sex go from pleasant to painful – so get your pen and paper ready. 

“The number of men who think good sex is them pumping away, without any kind of foreplay involved, then are surprised when we tell them we didn’t have an orgasm is troubling. Or the ‘foreplay’ involves jabbing at our nether regions with their fingers like they’re trying to stuff something back inside of a box.” — @deadsharkeyes

“When we say ‘don’t stop,’ DON’T START SPEEDING UP! Keep doing EXACTLY what you’re doing.” —@strawberrychel

“When I tell them to keep going and I like it, and they start to speed up or change their tempo. I liked it the way it was before.” — @Zoeyz93

“Be honest with yourself as to what you like and need. Was with a guy who NEEDED to finish by hand, but desperately didn’t want it to be that way. He would just keep going until it started to hurt me, and then feel ashamed. I have no problem with you taking matters into your own hands while I help in other ways!” — @Cohult

“Please learn how to use your fingers. Cut your nails. Don’t try to rub a hole in my clit. Don’t poke. It hurts!” — @Dolliiy

“Don’t slap my face with your dick. I don’t know why guys do this, but stop.” — @wickedwix

“The head push. We will go down on you when we are ready and willing.” — @Frtyto

“Lack of post-sex snuggle. I hate abrupt endings.” — @Stabfacenotback

“When he is on top and starts moving his hips in a circle. Man, just go up and down!” — @wildcat777786

“Not taking a minute to wash up first.” — @coffeeblossom

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