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“Ripped Grandpa” Will Be Your New Fitness Goal

If we are anywhere near as ripped as this man when we’re grandparents, we’ll be extremely happy. Famous around the world as the “Ripped Grandpa”, fifty year old Jean Titus certainly lives up to the name, setting a standard that is impressive for athletes more than half his age. The grandpa is a shining example of what is possible when you commit to your health.

‘People are amazed by my physical abilities, due to my age,’ he said.

Speaking to Metro, Titus explained his journey. ‘Before I got into fitness, I was a skinny kid. Looking back, I feel that I wasn’t as strong and that I had not tapped into my true physical potential.’ His weight lifting experience began in his college years. ‘Weight-lifting was a part of the strength and conditioning training program for college athletes, of which I was one,’ Jean explains. Since those days, he’s never looked backed, now sporting an enviable 48-inch chest and 18-inch biceps.

‘I train five days a week for an hour-and-a-half each day and I feel pretty good about my body; however, I’m always striving to make improvements. ‘My record lifts are 180kg bench press, 200kg deadlift and 210kg for a squat, although I don’t ego lift, I train more for performance and conditioning. On a typical day I’ll consume four to five meals and on average 3,400 calories a day.’

Mr Titus now dedicates his life to health and fitness, working as a fitness consultant and motivational speaker, focusing on the role both physical and mental health play in achieving his lifestyle.
‘My advice for anyone looking to get into fitness would be to focus on the daily tasks, fall in love with the process and most importantly, be consistent. You are your only competition, make an effort every day to beat yesterday’s output and with that mindset, in time you will achieve your goals.’

Consider us motivated!

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