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Cristiano Ronaldo Was Honoured With a Statue – and It’s The Stuff of Nightmares

Cristiano Ronaldo is debatably the world’s greatest sportsman. He’s certainly one of the richest, and you either love him or hate him. 

There’s no denying Ronaldo’s arrogance on the pitch or his supreme confidence in his own ability, but who can knock the guy? He’s one of the greatest footballers the world has ever seen and an underwear model.

One place in the world where you’ll never hear a negative word uttered about Ronaldo is Portugal, specifically his home island of Madeira, where he’s treated more like a rockstar and cult figure than a human being. 

In fact, they love Ronaldo so much that they decided to name an airport after him. And just to put the icing on the cake, they also unveiled a statue of Ronaldo’s head. At least we’re pretty sure it’s him.

It seems the only part they got right was the superstar’s hair. The eyes, nose and mouth? Well, lets just say it’s the stuff of nightmares. We’re actually struggling to make eye contact with the thing. 

Ronaldo’s fierce rival, Leo Messi, also had a statue erected in his honour, but at least his looks sort of like him. But for all the Ronaldo haters out there, you have to admire his grace – when his creepy clown statue was unveiled, Ronaldo was all smiles and was very appreciative.

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