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Scientists Find A Cure For Baldness

If you can see your hair retreating every morning, don’t ditch the shampoo just yet, as science has come to the rescue. South Korean scientists from The Science Ministry have been hard at work developing a new chemical substance that stimulates hair follicle growth.

Whilst there have been a variety of products on the market, the most they promise is to slow the rate of shedding or rebuild follicles before the die. Transplants, tablets and lotions have been the go-to for the balding, however some unwelcome side effects always seem to accompany. These traditional treatments tamper with testosterone levels, sometimes resulting in impotence and ejaculation issues.

This new breakthrough claims to regenerate follicles, even past the point of their death.

As per usual, the substance has been tested on lab mice first, however the mice are now rocking some amazing new ‘dos. Over a 28 day trial period, new follicle growth and regeneration of previously dead follicles has occurred.

Lead researcher, Professor Kang-Yell Choi or Yonsei University in Seoul identified a new protein that controls hair growth, and the team has now learnt to harness the functioning of the protein. Recognising the benefits of the research beyond hair loss, Choi explains “We expect that the newly developed substance will contribute to the development of a drug that not only treats hair loss but also regenerate damaged skin tissues”.

Still in the testing phase, the scientists have labeled their new substance PTD-DBM, a name they might want to readdress when they enter the mass market. Worryingly, the team are currently investigating whether there are any toxic aspects to the new solution, however currently all signs point to a successful new treatment.

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