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Scott Eastwood’s At-Home Workout Is A Total Body Burner

You might recognise actor Scott Eastwood from movies like Pacific Rim: Uprising or the upcoming film The Outpost—but if you take a look at his life behind the scenes, you’d think he spends all of his time training his body and staying active. Eastwood opened up to Men’s Health about his daily routine (or at least one of them, he says), which is filled with morning rituals, tons of activities, and plenty of time for recovery.

He starts his day off right by stepping into the sauna.

“I start every morning in the sauna. It’s the first thing I do. Get up, I go straight in the sauna, I sweat it out,” he says. “Right after that, I take a cold shower or jump into a cold pool of some sort. I like to wake the body, shock it, and then I get my coffee and my water.”

Eastwood explains that his exercise regimen is diverse and fully loaded, with everything from jiu-jitsu, weights, swimming, and yoga.

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“I like to keep it interesting. I never like things to get stale. I always want to be moving and keep the body guessing,” he says. “At the same time, I always want the body to have a lot of recovery.”

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For Eastwood, that includes a lot of sauna time, cold plunges and stretching. Then, he’s back to “breaking down the body and re-building it.”

Scott Eastwood’s Home Workout

Next, he shows us his at-home, full body workout that only requires 4 pieces of equipment.

You’ll need:
– a yoga mat
– jump rope
– Swiss ball
– set of weights

The Warmup

10 minutes of yoga/stretching

“To warm up, I start any workout with a little bit of yoga, some light movements. It’s really crucial to get a good workout to get the body ready if you’re going to do weights or if you’re going to do things that are more high-impact,” says Eastwood.

Jump Rope

10 minutes

“We just stretched, and now we’re gonna do some cardio to get the heart rate moving. Everybody has a jump rope,” says Eastwood. If not, grab one here.

Weight Work

Squat to Curl to Press

4 sets, 10 to 15 reps

Eastwood uses a set of 30 pound dumbbells for this move.

“They’re a good all-around workout for your shoulders, for your glutes, and they kick your ass.”

Renegade Row

4 sets, 10 to 15 reps

Using the same set of weights, Eastwood does a renegade row. Make sure you keep your abs and glutes tight.

Hammer Curl

Reps to fatigue

To finish his weight workout, Eastwood does some biceps work.

“To polish off the workout, do a straight hammer curl to failure. Polish off, finish the workout” says Eastwood. Remember to squeeze your biceps at the top of each rep.

Swiss Ball Abs


4 sets of 25 reps

Pushup Knee Tucks

4 sets of 10 to 15 reps

“The Swiss ball is great for your back,” says Eastwood. “You can do these throughout your workout, or in front of the TV.”

Wind Sprints

10 sets, 50 meters (rest 2 minutes between each sprint)

“I think it’s great to get outside, get some sun, the vitamin D,” says Eastwood as he preps for his sprints on the beach. “I’d say I’m 70 percent more active, outdoor exercises that you can do at home or in a park with minimal amount of weights, and then the other 30 percent in the gym.”

After completing his sets, though, he admits the running isn’t easy. “Those suck.”

Swimming and Surfing

“It’s great to come down to the beach to get in the water and shock the body, especially when the water’s cold. Swimming is such an underrated sport,” says Eastwood. “It’s so good for cardiovascular health, it’s low impact, and is just a good life-long exercise you can do every day.”

Eastwood also offers his thoughts on diet, saying that working out is only “10 percent of it.”

“You have to be strict, you have to look at food as your fuel. You cannot look at it as this luxury thing that we get to indulge ourselves in,” he continues. “Ninety percent good, 10 percent cheat. Healthy, good proteins like salmon, chicken, followed by lots of veggies, broccoli, asparagus, lots of greens.”

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