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Scrawny To Brawny – Week 4 Journal

The fourth week of my transformation has come to an end and frankly, I’m glad it has. This wasn’t a particularly good week for me. After feeling slightly under the weather last weekend, I proceeded to train twice on Monday and go to work, which left me feeling even worse afterwards. When I woke up on Tuesday morning, I could tell the sickness had well and truly set in.


Not only were my muscles sore from working out, they were also sore and achy from sickness. I could feel a slight but annoying soreness in the back of my throat. Does anyone else find they tend to get sick at the worst possible moments? It’s like you’re 110% fit and healthy right up until something important comes along, then your body informs you, “Ah, you’ve been pretty healthy lately, it’d be a shame if you got… SICK!”


I spent all of Tuesday and Wednesday in bed, missing four workouts in total. When I told Cato of my sickness he knew it was going to be a problem. In the long run, I’m sure missing four workouts won’t be too detrimental, but when you’re trying to stack on size in a short period of time, everything counts. I tried to keep my food intake up during this time, but it was impossible to consume the same amount of food when your body is clearly telling you it needs a break.


I was back at training on Thursday and Friday and jumped on the scales to find that I’d lost 1.5kg. Not only was it depressing to see a lot of my hard work go to waste, it was also discouraging to hear that it’d be hard to catch up for lost time and simply put the weight back on again.


The only choice I had was to keep eating and keep training. It was hard pushing out four sessions over Thursday and Friday while the sickness was still lingering, but hey, no one said this was going to be easy. It seems like my gains were halted this week – if not reversed – but I’m just thankful I chose to get my flu shot earlier this year, otherwise the chances are this sickness would’ve knocked me off my feet for even longer. As it is, and what I have to keep telling myself, is that what doesn’t kill you, makes you Batman.

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