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Scrawny To Brawny – Weeks 9 +10 Journal

At the end of my last journal I was ecstatic I only had 4 weeks of my transformation to go. Now with 2 weeks left I’m even more excited, but I’m wary about what’s ahead of me these next two weeks.


These last two weeks have been tough – mentally and physically. When the 8th week was over and the number ticked over make it less than a month to go, something clicked inside of me. I had one month left to train as hard as I can and eat as much as I can, to turn into the best version of myself.


I told myself that the struggles I’d face in the last month would all be mental. Struggling to finish your meal? Stop being weak and finish that sucker. Not feeling up for hitting the gym? Stop being weak and get your ass to the weights room. Finding it hard to power through the last 5 reps in immense pain? Muscle is built through pain, and muscle is what you want – stop whinging. 


When you change the way you mentally approach things, your physical approach will change with it. I’m not sure if this was due to any change in approach, but in the last two weeks I’ve stacked on another 2kg. 


While for most of my life I’ve been “blessed” with skinny guy abs, it’s also good to see my core work has been paying off. Around 6/7 weeks in, I told myself that I didn’t want my finished product to be a man with a decent amount of muscle, but with a gut. I needed my torso to keep up.


So at the end of every workout, regardless what body part I was working, I did 5-10 minutes of ab work. Most of the time I’d lock my feet in place on a decline bench and do 4 sets of 20 crunches. The majority of the time I’d feel like throwing up towards the end of my third and fourth set, but who cares – worth it for a six pack.


You’re probably getting sick of hearing it and reading these journal entries (which is 95% me complaining), but these last 2 weeks will be huge. I’ve talked myself up, and now it’s time to deliver the results. 2 weeks left to complete my transformation from scrawny to brawny. 

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