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This Is What Rihanna Wants You To Do On A Date

We’re always interested in what it takes to land a celebrity babe. Fortunately, during the Late Night with Seth Meyers talk show, the singer shared some great advice on how Meyers “could blow his wife away” on a date. 

See the exchange below

During the segment, “Seth and Rihanna Go Day Drinking,” the pair took part in drinking games, with each taking turns behind the bar. 

As Rihanna prepared the drinks, Meyers asked,“I want to blow my wife away with a romantic night out. What do I do?”

The Fenty fashion designer didn’t beat around the bush. 

“You said it,” Rihanna replied.

A confused Meyers asked her to explain what she meant. The singer then clarified, “Blow your wife.”

The two erupted into laughs and Twitter was quick to follow.

Rihanna isn’t the first celebrity to suggest that going down on your partner is the secret to a healthy relationship. After an old interview with DJ Khaled surfaced suggesting he’d never perform oral on his better half, The Rock disagreed while also admitting that he takes pride in ‘mastering his technique’.

There’s actually a bit of science behind it. Previous findings have suggested that 75 per cent of women can’t reach orgasms through penetration alone. 

If you need a bit of help, here’s your ultimate guide to oral sex

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