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35 Quarantine Date Ideas, Because We Could All Use Some Romance Right Now

It’s important to find joy in these trying times, so maybe skip your 47th Grey’s Anatomy marathon and try something a little more out-of-the-box. Visiting a restaurant, bar, or other public place is out of the question right now, but there are plenty of other date ideas you can do during quarantine—including over video chat, if you and your partner aren’t in the same apartment, eating from the same cans of beans every day. The team at WH came up with 35 date ideas you can do while in quarantine—both with and without your partner physically present.

If you’re quarantined together:

1. Learn a dance 

2. Watch porn together. Seriously.

3. Pick a novel and read it out loud to each other with snuggling and drinking wine, alternating who reads with each chapter. (That way, you both have time to take sips.)

4. Take a shower together (but first: our tips for non-awkward shower sex.)

5. Give each other erotic massages.

6. Have a stay-at-home picnic (with whatever you could scrounge up at the grocery store).

7. Play a game of strip scrabble. Whenever you get a six or seven letter word, your partner has to take an article of clothing off.

8. Bake cookies (or any delicious dessert).

9. If you have a backyard, play catch.

10. Lie down outside and stargaze together.

11… Or have an outdoor sleepover, if you also have a tent.

12. Build a pillow fort if you don’t have private outdoor access.

13. Surprise your partner with breakfast in bed.

14. Become your own bartender, and explore new drink recipes.

15. Have a karaoke night. 

16. Play a game of Never Have I Ever. You’re bound to learn something new about your partner.

17. Have a wine-tasting night. (Bottle-O’s are still considered essential businesses, FYI.)

18. FaceTime your in-laws with your partner. They’ll be happy to know that you’re taking good care of their daughter or son.

19. Sketch each other nude. After all, isn’t your partner your muse?

20. If you’re curious about pegging… there’s no time like the present.

21. Is pegging too much? Make a sex tape (with your partner’s consent, obviously).

22. Make a time capsule and put your favourite couple’s photos, love letters, and other special memorabilia.

23. Listen to a podcast together… May we suggest Men’s Health Strength Sessions?

If you’re quarantined apart:

24. Make (and eat!) a recipe together via FaceTime.

25. Have an extended sexting sesh.

26. Or FaceTime sex. It’s all the rage these days.

27. Download Words With Friends again.

28. Start planning a dream vacation for when dream vacations are possible again.

29. If you’re curious about astrology, look up each other’s birth charts and find out what the stars say about your personalities.

30. Play an online card game or board game.

31. Try using long distance sex toys where you can can control your partner’s vibrator or prostate massager from thousands of miles away.

32. Use Netflix Party. It’s a chrome extension that synchronises video playback on Netflix and adds a group chat.

33. Ask each other the infamous 36 questions that lead to love over FaceTime.

34. Take an online test to learn what your love language is. Then compare with your partner.

35. Write love letters and then read them to each other.

This article originally appeared on Men’s Health US.

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