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Shaved But Not Forgotten, RIP Henry Cavill’s Moustache

In a hilarious clip posted to his personal Instagram account, our generation’s Superman, Henry Cavill, has bid farewell to one of the most controversial moustaches in human history.

The troublesome lip-warmer gained notoriety last year, when Cavill grew it during filming of Mission: Impossible 6 with Tom Cruise. At this point, Cavill had wrapped filming on Justice League, where he played the clean shaven Superman.

Unfortunately, reshoots were then required on Justice League, but given his contract with M:I6, the moustache couldn’t be removed, meaning the creators of Justice League had to digitally remove it. Not only were the results in the Justice League film hilariously obvious, the removal reportedly cost US$25million in CGI. That’s 1/8 of the entire Justice League budget for perspective. (A Bic single blade razor could have completed the job for 40 cents).

Well it seems that Superman himself was in on the joke, and realised the absolute sh*t-storm that surrounded his facial hair. In the hilarious clip, Cavill mocks himself while bidding farewell to the moustache and sharing some of his fondest memories whilst rocking the look.

“I know, it’s hard to recognise me. Sometimes, I even have trouble recognising myself. It’s hard for me to admit, this is not CGI. He’s really gone,” jokes Cavill.

As part of his compilation, Henry cheekily includes a clip of himself in character as Superman, with the obviously CGI-removed moustache. The clip has already racked up 1.5 million views in it’s first 12 hours on the social media platform.

Cavill is known for his good humour on Instagram. Earlier this month, he took to the platform to prove he was alive, after learning via Wikipedia that he had reportedly passed away.

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