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The Shocking New Cure For Erectile Dysfunction That Doesn’t Involve Pills or Surgery

If you’re desperate to achieve thumping erections again but reluctant to go under the knife or take pills, there might just be a great new alternative.


A non-invasive technique out of the US is now helping men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Dr Early Eye, from Cenegenics in Jacksonville, says this is the first pill- and surgery-free treatment for one of man’s most upsetting problems.

“Our instrument is designed to deliver a shockwave that can penetrate one to three centimetres deep and causes good effects,” says Eye.

The treatment, known as GAINSWave, stimulates cells and improves blood flow by sending high-frequency sound waves to open up blood vessels – good blood flow being essential to erectile function.

“The fact that things are not standing up tells us there is inadequate blood flow,” continues Eye. “This makes them feel like a real guy again.” 

The treatment takes about 20-25 minutes, and can take up to 12 procedures before the blood starts flowing. At two treatments a week, it’s on the pricey side: upwards of $AUD5000 total.

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