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Need To Take Supplements? Here’s The Lowdown On 13 Popular Pills

As the supps market diversifies, let our latest portfolio of pills help you invest in the best.

As the supps market diversifies, let our latest portfolio of pills help you invest in the best.  We crunched the research to find out if it’s worth taking these 12 popular supplements and pills.

1.Vitamin D

Score a new deadlift PB by adding vitamin D capsules to your stack. Studies show that it can help you increase your lower-limb strength.

2.Omega-3 Fatty Acids

We all know omega-3 fatty acids are helpful, but they do more than you think. A study found that they also aid recovery and increase mobility.

3. Magnesium

Top up your levels of magnesium, a mineral involved in more than 600 processes in your body. Among its many powers are maintaining good brain function and improving sleep quality.

4. Coenzyme Q10

Slow down ageing with some coenzyme Q10. Studies suggest that this vitamin-like antioxidant could help to reinvigorate your body’s energy supply, rolling back the years.

5. Folic Acid and Zinc

Trying to start a family? Researchers found that men who took 5mg of folic acid and 66mg of zinc per day for 26 weeks increased their sperm counts by 74 per cent.

6. Whey Protein

Gym-goers who took whey logged greater gains than those who took casein, improving their big lifts.

7. BCAAs 

Losing weight while maintaining muscle is not as improbable as it sounds. Kilojoule-cutters can sustain lean body mass by adding BCAAs to their diet.

8. Vitamin C 

Vitamin C can help you beat flu. A review found that 8g per day can cut colds by 19 per cent – but that’s four times your RDI.

9. Creatine 

Your holiday is booked, so now get shredded with the choice of the men in white coats: creatine. A scientific review suggests it can boost power, stamina and recovery.

10. Calcium

Calcium is essential for your bones, but too much of it can harm your heart. More than 1000mg per day will up your risk of heart disease by 20 per cent.


Trying to dodge heart disease with a pill won’t work. Data from two million people shows that a balanced diet and regular exercise are more effective than any vitamin capsule.

12. Ginkgo Biloba 

Ginkgo biloba may have a rep for improving brain function, but those who took it for six weeks did no better in cognitive tests than the placebo group.

13. Keto-Fit

Keto-Fit offers a range of supplements to help you hit your macros and staying in ketosis.

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