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This Guy Lost Nearly 4kg From One Workout

There’s a good reason why bodybuilders avoid cardio: to steer away from burning extra calories. So when Nick Bare took to Youtube to monitor his weight during his preparations for an Ironman Triathlon, the 29-year-old was in for a rude shock.

As part of his six-days-a-week training , Bare needed to include a one hour cycle and a 10-minute run. However he took it one further, taking to his bike for four hours and hitting the pavement for two hours. The result? The Youtuber shed nearly 4kg from the six-hour workout. 

Bare measured himself at the start of the workout, coming in at 90kg. He split up his training into four sections. He knocked off his cycling first, covering 110km. After the first sweat sesh, he gets some important electrolytes into him. Then he moves onto the run, navigating 20km in two hours. Conditions aren’t favourable either, temperature levels are soaring. 

After the gruelling workout, Barre consults with his scales. The numbers don’t look pretty. The screen reads 86kg. 

Naturally, like any big rig, Barre dives straight into a calorie-heavy dish while replenishing his fluids. He also uses a massager to help deal with DOMS. 

“I use it for pre-workout sometimes, to warm up,” says Bare. “But after the bricks, I use it for 40 minutes for recovery.”

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