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The ‘Sloping’ Toilet Promises To Decrease Employee Break Time

The makers of a ‘sloping toilet’ are promising employers their loo can increase productivity time but it’s being widely poo-pooed on social media.

The ‘StandardToilet’, as it’s known, has been designed at a downward slope of 13-degrees, making it uncomfortable to stay seated for too long.

According to its website, the toilet will cut down the time people spend on the loo, which has become a “private texting and social media space”.

“In commercial shopping malls and train stations, a requirement to reduce queuing has become a necessity,” the website says.

If the toilet seat is at an angle of 8-13 degrees, it’s promised to reduce time in the toilet by more than 25 per cent.

The concept, which has also promised to have medical benefits, claims it could save billions of dollars in wasted work hours.

It’s safe to say social media users have taken the piss.

A patent application has been filed for the toilet in the UK.

This article originally appeared on 7NEWS

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