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ICYMI: There’s Now Ice-Cream That Cures Hangovers

Scrambling to find electrolytes or paracetamols on a Sunday morning can be tough work, especially when you’re dealing with the consequences of 10 too many tequilas the night before (which we definitely don’t condone, a night of heavy drinking can be extremely toxic to your body). 

But soon, you’ll be able to relieve yourself by reaching for a scoop of ice-cream for breakfast. According to publication Reuters, South Koreans will soon have access to the grapefruit-flavoured hangover cure.

Loosely translated to Hang In There, Gyeonydo-bars contain raising tree fruit juice, an ingredient that’s been used as treatment for hangovers in Korea since the 1600s. And it’s not necessarily an urban legend: a previous study suggests that raisin tree extract could reduce effects of intoxication in rats.

Hangover cures are something that Koreans take very seriously: the industry is worth 150 billion dollars and on average, South Koreans drink 12.3 litres of alcohol a year – far more than their asian counterparts. 

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