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Step Up Your Nutrition Game With This Week’s Episode of ‘Ask Men’s Health’

So far, we’ve covered fitness and mental health throughout our ‘Ask Men’s Health’ series. Now, for episode 3 we dive headfirst into the world of nutrition. Whether you have your diet fine-tuned down to the very last macro, or your idea of a good feed is a trip to the pub for a chicken parma, this episode is well worth a listen. 

Alongside dishing the details on their own eating habits, hosts Christopher Riley and Men’s Health editor Scott Henderson do a deep dive into two areas that are crucial to our nutrition. First up, a topic many of us will be well acquainted with: protein shakes. You may know what your favourite flavour is, but do you know how many grams of protein to consume after your workout in relation to carbs? And what are the scientific studies saying as to the long-term effects of shakes? Are they essential to muscle growth or is protein via whole foods preferred… don’t know? We got you covered.

Then, there’s the controversial topic of cleanses and whether or not they actually work. Tune in and hear Chris and Scott’s take. This is one for those of you who indulged a little too much playing two-up last weekend. (Yeah, we see you.) 

Remember, you can’t out-train a bad diet. So if you’re tempted to ignore this episode because you have your gym routine nailed down, you do so at your own peril. Gains are made in the kitchen, dear readers. Remember that.

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