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Elevate Your Strength AND Flexibility With This Surfer’s Workout

With bootcamps based on Sydney’s Eastern Beaches, Sam Fleeting of BeBoth Fitness developed his workout routines from pre-surf morning rituals. Before starting his business, Sam would rise before the sun and smash out an effective whole-body, blood-pumping workout. “We didn’t have much, just a kettlebell to share, a brick wall for box jumps, a chin up bar and an occasional selection of heavy fruits, mainly watermelons,” explains the in-demand personal trainer. “We needed a substantial stretch afterwards, as we required our full range of motion to paddle out and not cramp up.”

Now Sam is running 14 bootcamps between two locations and loving showing each and every one of his clients how they can Be Both strong and flexible [see what he did there] to enhance their results on their unique fitness journey. Since variety is a quintessential ingredient to helping clients grow thirsty for more, Sam ensures a range of workout styles each session.
Give this workout a try to target all major muscle groups, limbering up and making serious strength gains at the same time.

Warm up: (7min)

Grab a piece of PVC pipe or bamboo and complete 10 reps of the following exercises:

Shoulder rotations, torso twists, leg swings, ankle rotations, wrist rotations, squats and hamstring stretches (romainain deadlift style).

Drills: (8min)

2 rounds of the following exercises

  • 20m Walking lunges
  • 20m Grapevine side shuffle (L & R)
  • 20m Forward bearcrawls
  • 20m Backward bearcrawls
  • 20m High knees then sprint 50m
  • 20m Butt kicks the sprint 50m

PYRAMID: 1 round of 10mins
(get through as much as you can in the 10min time cap)

How it works: Do the first exercise. Then to get to the next exercise, you need to go back to the top and work your way down. For example:




A,B,C,D.  … so on and so forth.

A: Run to cone and back (30m each way)

B: Dead Ball Slams X 5

C: Burpees X 10

D: Leg raises X 20

E: Abdominal Bicycles X 40

F: High knee sprints (on the spot) X 80

Take a two minute break to collect yourself and go for the next exercise…

EMOM: (Every Minute On the Minute) for 8mins

How it works: You have one minute to complete the below workout, the earlier you finish, the more break you get (until the next minute starts). [eg. If you finish at the 40 second mark, you get 20 seconds to rest till the next round]

Push ups X 8

Alternate plyometric lunges X 8 (each leg)

Burpees X 8 (we love you too!)

*repeat every minute on the minute for the entire 8minutes*

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