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Summer-Saver Fat Blast

If you’ve kept your shirt on this summer because the body beneath is unworthy of exposure, there’s still time to bring it up to speed. It’s a paradox of fitness that the most efficient way to look more muscular is to shed weight, provided what you’re losing is lard.

Your shoulders are going to look broader as your waist shrinks, while definition makes you appear bigger. Do these three all-body moves as a circuit (30 seconds on, 15 seconds rest between moves) every other day. Do the circuit 4 times; 5 if you can.


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8-Point Push-Up
For 30 seconds

Perform a standard burpee, but when you kick out your legs to hit the push up position, kick them out again literally to splay the legs, then bring them together.

Barbell Thruster
For 30 seconds

Standing tall with the barbell racked at your shoulders, brace your core and sink into a front squat. Now drive up through your heels while pressing the bar to full lockout.

Dumbbell Snatch
For 30 seconds each arm

Holding a dumbbell at thigh level, in your right hand, bend at the knees and then drive up using lower body power to propel the weight overhead in a fluid motion. Repeat with left arm.

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