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Survey Annoints The Orgasm Capital Of The World

Ever wondered which country enjoys the best sex? Brazil? Italy? Um, Norway…



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Sex toy company Lelo has conducted a global survey to discover which country has the most orgasms and where they’re most intense.

Coming in first as a raging underdog is Norway, with 35 per cent of respondents claiming to orgasm every day – a significant jump on the global average of 2-3 orgasms a week.

While Norway was a surprise winner, some of the survey’s other findings came as less of a shock.

Countries typically associated with passion claimed their climaxes are the most intense, with 10-13 per cent of respondents from Chile, Spain and Italy rating their orgasms within the highest percentile.

And the loudest country in the bedroom? Yep, you guessed it, Brazil, with 65 per cent claiming to lift the roof when reaching orgasm. 

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