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The Ultimate Man-Guide To Health In 5 Steps

In a perfect world we’d get our 30 mins of exercise each day, hit 10,000 steps, meditate and eat our daily five veg. But add in a full-time job, kids and a social life and you’ve got a real challenge on your hands. Here are five simple habits that will help time-poor gents boost their health no gym membership required.


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Hydration Station

Struggle to down a glass or the recommended eight a day? It’s time to make guzzling water a part of your daily routine. Many people struggle to work out the difference between hunger and thirst. Before a meal or when you lunge for a snack, think twice, have some water and wait 15 minutes to see if you were actually hungry. This will help you increase your water intake and decrease your food intake – it’s a win-win. Also remember for every hour of exercise to rehydrate with at least one extra litre of water.

Veg Out Once A Day

Yep you read that right, but it isn’t your normal “veg out” on the couch kind of session. A study by the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that a whopping 93% of Australians don’t eat enough vegetables (five servings a day). Cheat the system and grab a glass of Vital All-in-One daily, which is packed with 78 ingredients including vegetables and fruit plus probiotics, vitamins, minerals, herbs and protein. It will give you all you need in just two teaspoons a day!


Heading out of the office for your daily brew? Use this window to stretch your legs, get some fresh air and add some extra steps in by avoiding the café downstairs and walking to the better coffee shop around the corner. Don’t get caught out by that delicious-smelling banana bread either: if it becomes part of your mid-morning routine, those extra kJs will add kilos to your waistline and send your energy crashing in next to no time.

Break Up Daily

A recent study by the Draugiem Group found that workers who took small, short breaks throughout the day were more likely to have higher job satisfaction, reduced emotional exhaustion and work harder! Another study suggests that 17 minutes is the optimal break time. So next time you’re feeling frustrated and low on energy, grab some fresh air… just make sure you return from your break!


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If you’re looking to lose weight or keep the kilos off, it turns out getting enough shut eye is just as important as your diet and exercise routines. According to researchers at Pennsylvania State University, people who sleep fewer than six hours a night see levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin surge while the satiety hormone leptin declines. And no, catching up on sleep over the weekend won’t help your waistline – you need a daily commitment

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