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Target Your Whole Body Using One Piece of Equipment

Time poor and looking for workout inspiration? Bookmark this workout by MH Action Hero, Andrew Pap!

Anyone who has access to a dumbbell or kettlebell can give this complex a try. The circuit utilises push and pull movements with different leverages, plus a sneaky burpee inclusion each round.


Known as metabolic conditioning, or a metcon, this session that aims to lift the heart rate and tax the body as much as we can. Burn a lot of calories, put demand on muscles and cardio vascular system, and get in and out of the gym in 15 minutes!


FULL BODY COMPLEX by Andrew “Pap” Papadopoulos
Use a dumbbell or kettlebell that will provide a heavy resistance at 10 reps

2 x Straight Leg Single Arm Deadlift
2 x Single Arm Squat Clean
2 x Single Arm Overhead Press
2 x Reverse Lunge
[Repeat the complex with the other arm]
10 x Burpee

Repeat the complex with 4 reps of each exercise and 8 burpees
Then 6 reps of each and 6 burpees…

Continue the rounds, increasing the reps by 2 and decreasing the burpees by 2 each time through.
Workout is complete once you reach 2 x burpees.

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