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Nailing This One Skill Will Make You More Attractive to Women

When men try to impress women, we focus our attention on a few important things: teeth cleaned, deodorant on, shirt ironed . . .


Looking and smelling the part are important – don’t suddenly stop flossing and showering – but according to a recent study, there’s one key trait that will instantly make you more attractive to women.


Researchers at the University of North Carolina and SUNY Buffalo found that guys who can tell a good story are more attractive to the opposite sex. Yep – that’s it. There’s no magic secret. To be more attractive to women, all you need to do is spin a good yarn.


Women reported guys who can tell “great stories” are far more attractive than “decent storytellers”, and consider them more likely to be a long-term dating partner.


Notably, the study found that men don’t place the same importance on a woman’s storytelling prowess.


So the next time you’re trying to impress that Miranda Kerr lookalike at the bar, open up and tell her a story, just like you’d tell it to your mates.


Then stop talking and listen.


There’s a fine line between a good storyteller and a guy that won’t shut up.

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