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15 Minutes To A Rock-Hard Midsection

Your core deserves your focused effort.


After all, a lean, tight midsection does so much more than look good shirtless.


It prevents back injuries, increases athleticism, boosts strength from head to toe, improves posture and screams to the world that you’re healthy and fit.


The best part: this critical muscle group only requires 15 minutes of your time. That is, if you do The Climb and Crunch from trainer BJ Gaddour shown in the video above.


Why you should always target your abs at the start of your workout


The abs workout consists of only two bodyweight exercises – the three-way jumping mountain climber and the cross crunch – but it hits the more than two dozen muscles between your shoulders and your hips.


It’s one of the best ways to strengthen, flatten and blast your core anytime, anywhere.


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