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The 7 Best Exercises For The Hottest Sex Of Your Life


Sex is an amazing thing. Whether it’s slow and intimate or fast and passionate, sex connects people. It’s a major factor in relationships and the awesome thing is that you’ll never have it mastered – you’re always learning new things.


While intimate feelings and respect for someone can make sex great regardless of your physical shape, there’s no denying sex is a physical act. The fitter you are, the better your sex will be. Some may train for size, some may train for power, but we think it’s time you started training for pleasure.


Here are our top seven exercises you can do at the gym to fire up your sex life:


1/ Squats


Squats are an exercise that will work all of your body and put you in better shape for the fun ahead. Squats are tiring and will require all of your energy, so if you’re thinking about performing high reps, you’ll get the benefits of a cardio workout too. And everyone knows how important cardio is in the bedroom.


Another way squats will help your sex life – which is often overlooked – is you get practice standing while carrying weight. If you’re used to vanilla sex on the bed, buckle up because you’re going on an adventure. Squatting will develop muscle and strength in your legs and back that’ll allow you to pick her up and enjoy stand-up sex.


2/ Planks


Planks won’t only help uncover that six-pack of yours, but will also strengthen your core and prime your body for missionary, in particular. Missionary can be extremely tiring for your arms and abs, so what better way to improve than to basically mimic the movement?


Try planking on your elbows for 30 seconds on, with 30 seconds’ rest until you’ve completed four sets. If you find that too difficult, try the same but while holding yourself in a push-up position.


3/ Kegels


Kegels will not only have a positive effect on your sex life, but on your penis as well. Some benefits of kegels, to name a few, are more intense orgasms, and stronger, longer-lasting erections.


Kegels work the muscles on the pelvic floor, the same muscles you use to raise your penis and to stop peeing mid-stream. Performing kegels is easy: all you have to do is clench these muscles and then relax. Raise your penis, or imagine you’re taking a pee and you need to stop mid-stream. If you can do that, then you’re using these muscles.


And the best part? You can do them absolutely anywhere. In the lift with your boss? Do kegels. Waiting in the lunch line? Do kegels. Getting dinner with your in-laws? Do kegels.


4/ Hip Thrusts/Barbell Bridges


The majority of women report the sex position they find the most pleasurable is when they’re on top, so she’ll thank you for doing barbell bridges.


Just as you don’t want your girl to lay there like a starfish when you’re on top, she doesn’t want you to just lay there like a rock when she’s on top. When you move with her, sync her riding with your thrusting, and even at times take control, sex will go to a whole other level.


Barbell bridges will work your glutes and help directly with this. If you’re not experienced with this exercise it’s best to start without any weight. Lie on your back with your feet on the floor with your knees bent. From there, thrust your bum up, hold it up, then release. When you get the hang of that movement, start adding weight. Put a barbell on your hips (with a pad so it doesn’t hurt too much), and thrust the barbell up.


 5/ Push-Ups

Just as planking and squatting will help with full-body strength, push-ups will help you in a similar way. No sex is the same; you’ll always do something different. Sometimes you’ll have the pressure on your hands, sometimes on your elbows and sometimes you’ll just lay on her. You’ll always be mixing it up, even with missionary. If your sex is fast-paced and you enjoy mixing it up, having strength in your arms and chest will take you a long way.

6/ Farmer’s Walks

If your arms have ever gotten tired while using your fingers on a girl or you’ve struggled to hold yourself up during missionary, farmer’s walks will be your best friend – they not only build strength and endurance in your forearms, but also your core and back. How to do them? Grab a pair of dumbbells/kettlebells and walk a set distance. It may sound simple, but give it a shot and see if your arms thought it was easy.

7/ Interval Training (HIIT)

While sex can be a sprint (not too often, gents) it can also be a marathon. Pounding out a minute of love making may suit you, but it’s unlikely to satisfy her. In knowing that, it’s important to understand sex isn’t something that you do at a constant rate. To keep it unpredictable and exciting, you should go fast, then slow, then fast again, and back to slow. Your training should reflect this.

Interval training can be done with your preference of cardio (running, bike, swimming, rowing), and the way it works is that you break your workout into intervals. Try sprinting for 15 seconds, then at a steady rate for 90 seconds. Keep switching between the two for 15-20 minutes. Interval training will keep your body alert and prepared for what’s to come later.

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