The Avenue's Epic 24-Hour Fitness Challenge With Charlie Smith

The Avenue’s epic 24 hour fitness challenge with Charlie Smith

We chat to model and personal trainer Charlie Smith, ahead of his epic 24-hour community assault bike event at the Ave on May 31st.

IN 2024, AUSTRALIANS AREN’T JUST dipping their toes into the pool of self-improvement – they’re cannonballing in with gusto. From pounding the pavement with dedicated running crews to chilling out in ice baths, seeking zen through meditation, pouring thoughts into journals, or igniting the day with sunrise workouts, right now, Aussies are all about their quest for wellness.

In that same landscape of Australian fitness, a game-changing initiative is taking shape in Bronte – Avenue Training, which, under the leadership of Charlie Smith, is gearing up for an epic showdown. Picture this: 24 hours of relentless pedalling on the Assault Bike, fuelled by grit and a noble cause.

Now, while there is so much more involved than that, this challenge wasn’t just a spur-of-the-moment idea for Charlie; it was born from his distinctive, trailblazing approach to fitness entrepreneurship.

After a four-month stint travelling overseas, Charlie’s return home to Sydney’s Bronte beach in September last year had him considering entering the fitness industry. Thinking about taking his time and finding his feet at a commercial gym before opening his own, it wasn’t until he found out his upstairs neighbour was leaving that he decided to scrap the slow lane and jump head first into opening his own fitness space right then and there. 

“I just had that thought that this opportunity here is something silly to miss out on,” Charlie shared. “It’s like most things. You don’t think you’re ready, but you’re always ready.” 

And so, Avenue Fitness was born – a small, unassuming gym with a twist. Quickly becoming a cult favourite among Sydneysiders, offering personalised programs tailored to individual goals, whether in group sessions or one-on-one training. Despite its cozy look, the Avenue is dripping with energy and a trendy allure, it’s easy to see why it has become so attractive to fitness goers


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“Even just like in the last six months, with all these run clubs and things like that, fitness is definitely more fashionable. Whereas before, people found it almost a little vain when you were really concerned about your fitness and what you ate. Whereas now, it’s like, you’re an idiot not to care about these things. I think it’s actually a nice shift in how the world kind of understands fitness or health.”


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Trying to stay ahead of this growing trend, Charlie sought to further cultivate his booming community. Thus, the idea for the 24-hour Assault Bike challenge was conceived.

“A friend of mine from Bronte did a 24-hour swim, and I thought I could do a 24-hour bike ride. But Instead of it just being me and a couple of my mates, I want to try and get everyone involved. And the assault bike’s the only bit of conditioning equipment I’ve got, so it’s really part of the Avenue’s DNA.” 

With Charlie’s vision taking shape, the challenge has slowly become more than just endurance – without a doubt, the challenge has grown to be a celebration of community spirit, even for folks who are new or unfamiliar to the Avenue, it’s going to be a challenge for everyone. 

“I wanted to find a way to make it a challenge, but then also to add in the community aspect.” 

Up to 10 groups have now signed up for hour-long ‘team’ slots, which will inject a nice touch of competitive edge and camaraderie. Prizes will also be awarded to the teams that burn the most calories during their hour, adding an extra incentive.

How can the community get involved?

Outside of the team hours, Charlie has factored in 5 community hours across the 24 hours for folks who are still keen to solo the exercise bike, putting their hand up for as little or as long as they intend to help out during the designed community hour blocks. 

“I thought, well, I should try and get a few brands involved and really enhance everyone’s experience. So I’ve thought of brands that I think are on on the same kind of blueprint to the Avenue and got them involved, too.” 

Keeping true to his process of selection, Charlie has absolutely nailed an all-star lineup of brands sure to keep the energy high and build an atmosphere during each of the 5 community hours. 

The first community hour is at the start of the 24 hours and sees Nedd Brockmann, who owns some responsibility for this recent growth in fitness trends, dishing out support and his hype elixir ‘Nedd’s Milk’ between 4 pm and 5 pm. “I think there’s no way you can do some of this not have Nedd involved.” Charlie explained.

The second community hour will be from 7pm to 8pm and will be run by ‘Fishbowl’. In Charlies word’s “A great brand because people will come in, jump on the bike for a few efforts, and get dinner after, which is just awesome.” I have to agree. 

Keeping the energy up, the following community hour will be nice and early between 7am and 8am, run by ‘Macamilk’ and ‘All Press Espresso’. Dishing out a needed shot of caffeine for riders to kickstart the day. 

‘Helix House’ will run the fourth community hour between 11 and 12pm Setting up two ice baths for that post-bike recovery treat. 

The final community hour, between 3 and 4pm, will be run by Better Beer, the perfect brand to bring the 24 hours home, as participants can enjoy a complimentary Better Beer to kickstart the celebratory festivities. 

“I kind of want that last hour to be a bit of a party, to get the beats going. And just really bring it home and have a fun vibe going, and [Better Beer] really kind of encapsulates that.” 

While Charlie and his team will be manning the 11pm to 4am time slot, Charlie will be supporting both the team and community participants, dishing out his support throughout the 24 hours, the same support that’s grown his Avenue family since it first opened up.   

“We ask If you hop on the bike, to make a donation of your choosing, whether it’s 50 cents or $10,” Charlie emphasised. “Everyone is welcome to join in these community hours – no sign-up required, just show up and get involved.”

All proceeds and donations made throughout the 24 hours will go towards supporting ‘What Were You Wearing’, a charitable initiative combating sexual violence.

“In light of recent events, I thought this would be a much more relatable charity to everyone,” Charlie explained.  “I think doing the challenge for this charity, hopefully, will almost bring more and more people in to get involved simply because they want to support it. That’s probably one of the coolest things about this to be honest, being able to help them out and hopefully do something pretty cool for a charity that’s doing really great things in a moment in a time where we really need it.”

When the event will take place

This event takes place at the Avenue in Bronte, on May 31st, with pedalling to start at 4 pm. Sure to be a celebration of not just community spirit but a demonstration of unwavering unity. So, rally your mates, lace up those runners, and get amongst the Ave’s 24-hour challenge. 


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