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How To Get In Bachelorette-Winning Shape

Last night Carlin Sterritt won the final rose in Angie Kent’s season of The Bachelorette. And in case you hadn’t noticed, the bloke is ripped. After all, you have to be in shape when millions of eyeballs are on you across the country. So how does he do it? Here are his secrets.


Sterritt is a fan of F45 so it’s no surprise he hasn’t got an inch of fat on him. F45 is a form of HIIT training, with celebrities around the world including Mark Wahlberg fans of the global phenomenon. According to a 2017 review analysing 13 different studies, HIIT training and traditional moderate-intensity exercise are the best options you can turn to when you’re trying to shed fat and lose a couple inches around the waist. 

Lifting Heavy

While HIIT training may get you toned, if you’re after some serious muscle, you need to incorporate heavy lifting. In between classes, Sterritt “likes to lift heavy things and put them down again.” Countless pieces of research confirm the benefits of resistance training when it comes to muscle growth. 

Kettlebell Lunges

Sure, you can do all the arm days you want but if you’re not targeting your whole body, you’re doing it wrong. Sterritt is a fan of kettlebell lunge, an exercise perfect for not only toning and shaping your lunges, but improving your posture and forearm strength. Using free weights recruits more than just one muscle, so you can be sure you’re giving your entire body a workout. 

Battle Ropes

Want to get shredded quick? Add this to your workout. Making a variety of “waves” with battle ropes provides a killer low-impact cardio workout. And since your shoulder, arms, and core will spend a prolonged time under tension, you’ll build muscle, power, endurance, and mental toughness.

Shoulder Press

If you’re looking to fill out a t-shirt and build a wide frame, you can’t neglect your shoulders. Sterritt is a fan of a barbell shoulder press and we’re not surprised. The best thing about incorporating the shoulder press in to your workout? It’ll help your other moves. Studies have confirmed it’ll also boost your bench press. 

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