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Jelly Legs Today, Tree Trunks Tomorrow: Why You Should Be Deadlifting

When looking for genuine fitness inspiration, look no further than 7 x CrossFit Games competitor Rob Forte. The man is a certified machine in the ‘sport of fitness’ and knows how to throw together a soul destroying workout.

This weekend, Forte took to Instagram to share a leg workout created specifically for his CrossFit Challenge at the Sydney Fitness Expo. The workout is simple, two movements, but it inflicts some serious pain. We know, we tried it.


Made up of a deadlift and box jump, on paper this workout seems deceptively easy, but it packs a serious punch.

The deadlift is an incredible lift, one of the most highly regarding in the fitness world for it’s ability to target most of the major muscle groups. It works more muscles than most other lifts, and is relatively simple when done correctly.

“I didn’t really do deadlifts before CrossFit,” Forte explained to Men’s Health back in 2016. “Strength takes time. That’s been the biggest thing I’ve needed to work on. Still is.”

Now Forte is a huge advocate for deads, urging his athletes to incorporate them into their program whenever possible. As well as making you stronger, they’ll reveal any mobility issues you may have.

“Say your lower back pulls up sore every time you deadlift,” says Forte. “Well, most likely your hamstrings and glutes aren’t activating. They’re not doing what they should do, and that carries over to everyday life. It’s a wake-up to call to iron out those weaknesses instead of ignoring them.”

Deadlift/Box-jump Workout

Complete the workout with a partner, alternating rounds:

35-30-25-20 reps for time of
Deadlift, 100kg (70kg)
Box Jump, 24” (20”)

ie. Partner One completes 35 deadlifts directly followed by 35 box jumps, then Partner Two completes 30 reps of each and so on.

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