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The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of The Mountain And His Tiny Girlfriend

If the old saying rings true, then it’s no wonder these opposites attract.
Recent pictures posted of Thor Bjornsson (full name Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson), known world wide for playing ‘The Mountain’ on Game Of Thrones and for being generally a huge strong unit of a man, confirm his relationship with Canadian waitress Canadian Kelsey Henson. And the internet can’t get enough of the couple given their size difference.

The man is a beast and a professional strongman (when he’s not fighting battles on TV), so to be fair, any normal sized woman would look tiny in comparison. However given Kelsey’s small frame the pair make a great contradiction. According to TMZ, the pair met while Thor was in Canada, entering Henson’s bar where she approached the athlete for an autograph. The rest is history and internet meme gold.

Coming in at 6″9′ and weighing in at 180kg, Thor has been crowned “Europe’s Strongest Man” three times, whilst regularly deadlifting 350kg… for sets of 5 reps. Not to mention, he has been known to warm up with a 272kg squat, without even breaking a sweat.

To maintain this size and strength, Thor not only has to lift heavy, but must eat an enourmous amount of calories. He normally eats more for his morning meal than most men will consume for an entire day. Check out his chicken and rice smoothie recipe here.

Keep it up Thor… ain’t no mountain high enough!

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