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The Triceps Workout To Fill Out Your T-Shirt

The road to perfect horseshoe-shaped triceps almost always goes through the weight room, with triceps push-downs, skull-crushers and dips. But it doesn’t need to end there, because all you really need to blast your tris is your own bodyweight and a bench.

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You’ll do 3 brutal bodyweight tricep motions in this circuit, which can be done anywhere that you can find a bench or similar raised surface. If you’re a beginner, you can do this as your entire tricep workout. Advanced gym-goers can use this circuit to finish off a nasty session of push moves. (And anyone and everyone can do this workout in a fit of boredom while waiting for a bus or train, if you’re so inclined.)

Start with the most challenging motion, the bodyweight bench skull-crusher, with your head dipping below the bench. Your upper arms should form a near-90-degree angle with your torso, making this similar to a traditional skull-crusher you’d do with a bar. Do 6 to 8 reps, focusing on lengthening your tris when your head dips below the bench.

Immediately slide your feet slightly closer to the bench and do skull-crushers with your head above the bench. Your upper arms are now closer to your torso, almost in position for a slightly angled triceps push-down. This is a perfect position to chase the same squeeze in your tris that you do on a push-down. Bang out 8 to 10 reps here (or even more if you can).

Flow right into the final move, a bodyweight close-grip push-up on the bench. Your tris are already fatigued, but with your chest offering some assistance, you can burn your tris out even more. Doas many reps as you can for this move. Then rest 2 minutes, and repeat the circuit.

Do this 4 times for a killer tricep workout. Or bang out a quick set anytime you see a bench, so your arms look a little more swole in your T-shirt.

Directions: Perform the exercises in the order below back-to-back with 2 minutes between rounds.

1. Skull-crusher, head below bench

2. Skull-crusher, head to bench

3. Triceps push

That’s 1 set. Rest 2 minutes between sets. Repeat for 4 total sets.

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