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The One Surprising Reason Why Tinder Romances Don’t Work Out

If you’re a fan of Tinder and on the lookout for a relationship, we have bad news.

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The success rate of relationships established via dating sites, like Tinder, tend to be “doomed”, according to a new study by the University of Kansas.

The unfortunate news comes after study results revealed that personality is deemed more important than looks when it comes to finding a partner.

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According to the researchers, those who are highly rated based on their appearance have little room to become more attractive after meeting in real life.

The researchers came to this conclusion by putting 65 pairs of strangers into three groups that completed different tasks.

They had to rate 10 photos of the opposite gender based on their appearance. They then had to meet one of the people from the photos that they rated. Afterwards, they were questioned on how likeable, charismatic, smart, responsive and funny the other person was. The same people then had to rate the same photos again.

The results showed that those who were physically attractive in their picture were unable to up their attractiveness after a face-to-face meeting. 

Jeffrey Hall, associate professor of communications studies at the university, concluded that online-dating services are not the best way to find a partner. It “misses a lot of what makes for a good conversation, and the characteristics of a good conversational partner change how attractive they are in your eyes.”

Basically, if you look hot in your Tinder profile, your chances of establishing a successful relationship go down. 

Go figure…

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