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The Rock Shares Seven Exercises That Could Leave You Looking Ripped

Dwayne Johnson, AKA, The Rock, is in incredible form and inspires many with his ripped body.

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So how does this 45-year-old actor do it?

Here are seven exercises that he shared on Instagram…

The Rock is pictured doing tricep dips with a chain around his neck to add weight.

Here, he uses the row machine for a total-body workout which works the arms, chest, back, abs and legs.

The Rock is using the bench press and is doing a “2 second pause warm up holding 2 inches (approx. 5 centimetres) above chest, before I destroy chest.. or “slabs of pec meat” as we call it in the iron hood.”

Here, he is warming up by activating his glutes and hips with a resistance band, before a massive leg workout.

5 second hold at the top, squeezed, with resistance bands above the knees using 225lbs (approx. 102 kilograms).”

The Rock even gets the blood pumping before appearing on TV, for a sharp mind and relentless focus.

What does The Rock do when he can’t sleep? Workout of course. He’s doing chest flies here and captioned the post, “now I’ll be up til’ 4am again due to late night adrenaline.”

The actor hits the bench press with, “275lbs (approx. 125 kilograms). 5 half reps. 10 full reps with 2 sec pause at the bottom.”

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