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The Rock Has Updated His Cheat Meal, And It’s Actually Doable

The Rock and cheat meals go together like pizza and garlic bread. You can’t seem to have one without the other. And the Hollywood man-mountain is notorious for his weighty cheat meals, having previously shared visions of cheat meals including 8 slices of sour dough French toast topped with loads of apple pie, and enourmous stacks of pancakes.

However in a startling turn of events, it seems that the world’s most bankable actor may have gone a little bit soft on us, taking cheat meal advice from… Emily Blunt?!

Taking to Instagram over the weekend, The Rock posted a sushi-filled cheat meal recommended by Ms. Blunt, featuring 3 plates of the Japanese dish. The two are currently filming Jungle Cruise together, a movie based on the famed Disneyland ride, and their time on set seems to have impacted Johnson’s usually insatiable appetite. Although the serving size is still quite large, the team at MH felt a little bit let down by the haul, especially in comparison to some previous Dwayne Johnson feasts. 

Admittedly chased by signature double stuffed chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies, the meal is actually quite nutritious, mixing a healthy dose of both white and brown rice with fish, rather than the complete blow outs we’re used to from Mr. Rock.

The Rock’s cheat day ritual has gone viral over the past few years, and while he no doubt earns the extra calories thanks to his incredible and dedicated training routine, what place does it hold for the everyday punter?

Well according to the research, indulging occasionally has the potential to help some people stick to their diets, a study published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology suggests. The study, backed by a separate 2015 study from Portugal, suggested that the cheat meal allowed the flexibility to break the monotony of dieting, provided a goal for dieters to work towards, and could still be done while adhering to the caloric limits of a weekly diet.

To avoid a complete blow-out, perhaps start your cheat meals according to the new Dwayne Johnson method; better to pig-out on sushi that derail all of your hard work with a truck full of pizza… after all, we don’t all have a Hollywood training schedule to right our wrongs! 

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